TFP shoots

I’m happy to do a TFP shoot with you, provided that you accept my conditions.

  • I choose the photos that I’m going to post process.
  • I post the results on my website and perhaps a few on other websites (facebook, flickr, 500px).
  • You’ll get low res and high res files and you can do with those as you please, but…
  • If someone wants to buy a photo from our shoot or if someone wants to use a photo for commercial purposes, publication et cetera,
    we both have to agree and we’ll split the money.
  • You don’t get raw files or files that I didn’t post process.
  • If I’ve post processed a photo that you really don’t like, I’ll remove it from my website.
  • You can bring one person if you wish, not more than one.
  • If you want a MUA and/or hair stylist to join in, please make such arrangements yourself.
  • I prefer to work with a mood board, is great for this.

Contact me.