Studio shoot with Michelle

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011 in model shoots | No Comments

Last Saturday I had a studio session with the talented Michelle.

The backdrop that I used is 3 meter wide paper. The shots were lit with Elinchrom lights, a combination of a BXRi 250 and two portable Rangers (a RX and a Quadra). I used two 66cm square portalites and 135cm strip light with a front modifier to make it narrower. And I also used a white beauty dish with a silver deflector for some shots.

Picture below: 66cm square portalite softboxes with the front diffuser – left and right behind the model. White beauty dish camera left.

Guitar picture below: 66cm portalite camera left and 135cm strip box camera right.

This last shot was inspired on a shot by Dutch pro Frank Doorhof – of whom I’m a big fan. Of course my shot isn’t anywhere near the stuff that he produces, but I’ll keep trying! I used two 66cm portalites camera left and behind – and a 135cm strip box camera right in the front.