Test driving the 85mm 1.4G with available light

Posted by on Jun 5, 2011 in model shoots | No Comments

The new Nikkor 85mm 1.4G is a great portrait lens that I recently acquired. Edith and I went to a nice location near Amsterdam where I took it for a spin with available light only.

I’m quite happy with this lens although there are a few minor draw backs too. One of them being that the minimum focusing distance could have been a bit shorter, according to the Nikon website it is 50cm but I doubt that this is the case. And secondly, the auto focus isn’t very fast. Other than that it’s a great portrait lens and with its 1.4 aperture it’s very suitable for shooting in low light conditions.

Here’s a link to the Nikon website with further information about the new 85mm 1.4G.

I shot most of these at around f2 or f2.8. It was a sunny day but there’s plenty of shade available at this location in Broek in Waterland with its many trees.