RP biker portraits

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RP is the fifth member of the HOG who asked to pose for my biker portrait project.
Since these portraits are part of a project, the lighting setup and post processing is not really different than what I’ve used for the other biker portraits – except that I’ve been experimenting a bit with moving the key light (gridded strip box above camera) a bit to the side to get deeper shadows on one side of the face.

The first one is my favorite of this set. The photo was converted to b&w with Nik Silverefex. I shot this portrait on a grey background, the concrete backdrop was added in post. The main light was a bit to the left above camera.

The portrait below was shot @f2.8 with a 8x ND filter on a Nikkor 85mm 1.4G lens. The light spot on the background was achieved with a 18cm gridded spot (Elinchrom Quadra pack) on the backdrop.

Impressive artwork

The portrait below was shot at f2 – again with a 8x ND filter attached. Focusing is quite hard with the ND filter so I used a tripod for this shot.

The complete set of 20 photos can be viewed on Flickr.com