DP studio portraits

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DP is a member of the Dutch HOG. He moved to The Netherlands from Portugal 14 years ago. We had a great time taking his pictures for my biker project.

I’m keeping the lighting setup the same for all the biker portraits that I’m working on, ie two 66cm portalites in the back for rim (powered by an Elinchrom Ranger RX), a gridded spot on the backdrop for separation (Elinchrom Quadra) and the key light (BXRi) is a vertical Rotalux stripbox with a Lighttools grid above the camera. The only thing different compared to the earlier biker portraits is that I used two bookends (picture at the bottom of this post).

The picture above on the right was taken @ f2 with a 8x ND filter on my 85mm 1.4G.

The one below was also shot @f2 with an 8x ND filter.

The lighting diagram below shows the setup that I used for most of the shots. My DIY bookends worked quite help to prevent lens flare.

I made these bookends by taping 4 pieces of foam core together with gaffer tape. I painted the outsides black with concrete paint that doesn’t have any dis-solvents in it to prevent the foam core from “melting”. I taped the pieces together so that I can fold them for easy storage.

The complete set of 21 photos can be viewed on Flickr.com