RJ Biker portraits

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Next up in the “badass lighting biker” series 😉 is RJ. I’ve known this guy since I was 13. He’s not as mean as we tried to make him look for my biker series. Actually, he’s one of the nicest guys I know.

The lighting setup was again the same as for the other biker shots of CK and DM. And that’s the idea of course. The setup again consisted of 2 portalites in the back for rim, a spot on the background and a gridded strip box above the camera.

This first shot was set up for f9 on the main light (f11 for the rim lights) and then I attached a 8x ND to be able to open up to f2. I had to use a tripod to be able to pull this one off, it’s very hard to focus with the ND filter attached.

The rest of these were shot at f9 with the Nikkor 85mm 1.4G. Black and white conversions with Nik Silverefex.

The complete set of 14 photos can be viewed on Flickr.com