Family shoot

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I spent last Sunday taking pictures of a friend and her two kids. Because the weather didn’t allow for a shoot outside, we started with a few studio shots and then headed downstairs in the INIT building to take a few location photos.

This first photo was lit with the 100cm Rotalux deep octa with the inner diffuser only (Elinchrom BXRi) camera left. I used two stripboxes in the rear for rim. The file was converted to b&w with Silverefex.

For this photo of Saskia I replaced the deep octa with a white beauty dish (silver deflector and outer diffuser) – otherwise the lighting setup was the same ie two stripboxes left and right rear.

Two individual studio shots of the kids – both shot with the beauty dish on the BXRi. The background was added in post.

The photo below was lit with just the deep octa on a Elinchrom Ranger RX on the camera’s left and behind me. The Ranger was set to low output power because I wanted to throw the background out of focus. The aperture was f2.8 (Nikkor 24-70). The rim light was provided by the light coming down through the glass roof.

Two more location shots, both with the 100cm deep octa (inner diffuser only).

These final images are studio shots of Simone – I’m really pleased with these two photos. She has such a pretty face and I feel that both photos show her personality and beauty really well.

The complete set of 30 photos is available on Flickr.